Seminar and Event Regristration

Seminar and event registration needs are a communication skill Southern Voices can fulfil on the international level. Let the 24 hour availability of professional operators generate freedom for planning and creating seminars and events while generating a database for future clientele. After all the only business better than a new client is a returning one.

As technology changes, so do we. State of the art equipment and software are vital to ensuring the best quality of service to our ever growing client base. With growth comes the ability to offer new and exciting services. 2017 will bring the ability to offer cloud hosted appointment scheduling, automated appointment reminders, business phone service, pbx and managed PRI.


Southern Voices, Inc. is a telecommunications service. Based in North Carolina, SVI has served here and the surrounding states for more than 20 years while taking pride in customer service and the working relationships with clients. Established in 1995, SVI has continued to grow and stay competitive ensuring customized solutions fitting the most intricate of needs for all business specifications.

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